Drinking Water Quality

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Drinking Water Quality.

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There are 19 matches

2 matches Proposed Drinking Water Quality Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP522 Understanding Wildfire Risk 
CP521 Determination of Taste and Odour Thresholds of Plasticisers 

1 match Live Drinking Water Quality Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP482 Rapid tracking of hydrocarbon contamination in drinking water 

16 matches Completed Drinking Water Quality Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP038 Micro-organisms in Drinking Water, Health Significance 
NP034 National Centre for Environment Toxicology (NCET) 
CP485 Reducing white water contacts 
CP354 Removal of Metaldehyde 
CP353 New Microbiological Techniques - Assessing the Benefits for Safeguarding Water Quality 
CP333 Analytical Test Kits for Water Treatment Monitoring and Control 
CP332 Managing Microbial Risk for Regulatory Compliance 
CP332 Assessing PR09 Needs for Maintaining Low Microbial Risk 
CP331 Validating the Cause of Coliforms in Drinking Water 
CP317 Will Treatment Remove Emerging Organic Micropollutants? 
CP306 Integrating reservoir and water treatment management to control algal problems 
CP304 Oil in Water Instrumentation for Intake Protection 
CP282 Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework 
CP104 Prediction of Pesticide Trends in Groundwater 
CP086 Construction Products in contact with Drinking Water 
CP019 Discoloration in Drinking Water