Investment Planning

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Investment Planning.

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There are 23 matches

23 matches Completed Investment Planning Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP238 Ireland WFD Implementation Plan 
NP231 Wastewater Tertiary Treatment using Renewable Energy Crops 
CP324 Long Term Performance of Domestic Meters 
CP295 Real Time Data for Asset Management 
CP272 Risk, Cost and Investment Decisions Across Different Asset Groups 
CP245 Customer Research 2003: Periodic Review 
CP206 Intra-Urban Impacts of Future Flood Risk 
CP198 Privatisation of Poznan Water, Poland 
CP195 Sustainable Technology for Small Wastewater Works 
CP192 Reducing Rising Main Failures through Pre-emptive Inspection 
CP191 Reducing Sewer Collapse Risk using GIS Soil Maps 
CP188 Long Term Performance of Domestic Meters 
CP184 Rehabilitation of Service Pipes to Reduce Customer Leakage 
CP183 Maximising Benefits from PR04 Timetable 
CP161 Competition Rules in Europe 
CP135a Database Linking Distribution Mains Rehabilitation to Performance 
CP084 Forecasting Serviceability & Performance of Assets 
CP083 Serviceability Measures for Capital Maintenance Planning 
CP032 Predicting Asset Life and Capital Maintenance 
CP031 Capital Cost Indices, CCI 
CP030 National Microcomponent Monitor, Identiflow 
CP025 Capital and Operating Cost Models 
CP017A Reducing Odours in Sewerage Rising Mains