This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Sludge/Biosolids.

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15 matches Completed Sludge/Biosolids Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP231 Wastewater Tertiary Treatment using Renewable Energy Crops 
NP035 Sludge/Biosolids Long Term Field Trials, Soil Fertility 
CP330 Odour Enclosures - Optimising Ventilation Costs 
CP232 Bioaerosols / Particulates in Biosolids Recycling 
CP193 Enhanced Treated Sludge with Minimum CAPEX 
CP149 Reducing Odours from Sludge 
CP112 Bacteriological Examination of Sludge 
CP111 MASTAR Environmental Assessment Tool for Sewage Sludge 
CP089 Sludge Characterisation 
CP075 Soil Metal Limits for Biosolids Recycling to Land 
CP074 Microbial Removal Efficiency of Sludge Treatment 
CP045 Sustainable Recycling of Sludge Biosolids 
CP043 Pathogens in Biosolids/Sludge 
CP026 Recycling Sludge to Agriculture 
CP013 Biosolids Minimisation / Destruction