Business Planning

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Business Planning.

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There are 14 matches

4 matches Proposed Business Planning Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP437 Common Data Model for Public and Private Sewers  
CP436 Opportunities and threats in adopting the National Address Gazetteer 
CP418 Better Service Pipe Information 
CP400 SIM - Behind the Headlines 

4 matches Live Business Planning Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP559 TR61 Version 13 Cost and Carbon Modelling Software 
CP421 TR61 version 11 software 
CP401 A Framework for Improving Telemetry Data Quality 
CP399 Towards Integrated Distribution Management - A Common Approach to Risk 

6 matches Completed Business Planning Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP434 SIM - Understanding the impact of interventions 
CP419 Improving AMA through data quality 
CP382 Drinking Water Safety Plans - Business as Usual  
CP381 Getting Value from Data 
CP348b Pump whole life cost model - Continuation project 
CP024 Geographical Information User Group (10-12)