This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Metering.

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There are 13 matches

3 matches Proposed Metering Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP566 The Future of Water Metering - New technologies put through their paces 
CP535 Improving meter installation saves money! 
CP534 Getting full value from large meter verification data 

6 matches Live Metering Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP558 Improving The Accuracy Of Large Meters 
CP530 Alternative Options to Sub-metering 
CP515 Smart Meter User Group 
CP502 An Effective Large (100mm) Meter Replacement Strategy 
CP476 Innovative Full-bore hydrant insertion meter development 
CP403 Meter Training 

4 matches Completed Metering Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP461 District and commercial meters - the next generation 
CP448 Household Meter Location 
CP412 Meter Right Sizing 
CP360 Commercial Meter Under-registration