Water Distribution

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Water Distribution.

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There are 20 matches

2 matches Proposed Water Distribution Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP546 Rapid Detection of Misconnections 
CP540 Proactive Management of Water Distribution Systems 

18 matches Completed Water Distribution Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP176 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter Performance 
NP173 Managing Water Distribution with a Leakage Focus, TILDE 
CP464 New Methods for Service Reservoir Inspection 
CP281 Using Dissolved Oxygen for Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality 
CP244 Libya Water Company Manuals 
CP223 Disposal of Mains Flushing Waste 
CP213 Self-Laying Mains & Services 
CP171 Managing Manganese in Distribution 
CP162 Polyethylene Pipe (PE) and PVC Pipe, Revised Manuals 
CP139 Flowmeter Auditing Guidelines 
CP138 New Technology Meters & Impacts on Meter Replacement 
CP135 Economic Assessment of Distribution Rehabilitation 
CP103 Real Cost of Street Works to Water Utilities 
CP023 Managing Trunk Mains 
CP022 Pipeline Rehabilitation & Replacement (WATERFOWL)
CP020 Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Water Networks (CARE-W)
CP019 Discoloration in Drinking Water 
CP012 Water Mains Rehabilitation - Maximising the Benefits