Water Resources

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Water Resources.

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There are 18 matches

2 matches Proposed Water Resources Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP536 Using gamification to drive water efficiency  
CP519 Enhancing Rainwater Capture 

1 match Live Water Resources Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP501 Quantifying the real impact of exploiting rainwater/greywater 

15 matches Completed Water Resources Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP242 HarmoniCOP 
NP175 Ground Water Investigation & Passive Wastewater Treatment 
NP174 Web-based European Knowledge Network on Water, WEKNOW 
CP282 Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework 
CP222 Quantifying Effects for Change of Occupancy Metering 
CP190 Zebra Mussel Problems in Water Intakes / Pipelines 
CP177 Water Quality Management in Danube Basin 
CP168 Algal Toxins / Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water (TOXIC) 
CP162 Polyethylene Pipe (PE) and PVC Pipe, Revised Manuals 
CP160 Endocrine Disruption in Invertebrates & Predators 
CP121 In-Situ Bioremediation of High Nitrate Groundwaters 
CP115 Performance Indicators for Poland 
CP104 Prediction of Pesticide Trends in Groundwater 
CP070 Chloramination of Water Supplies, Best Practice 
CP066 Reduction in Unexpected Nitrate Increases in Supply