Demand Management

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Demand Management.

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There are 21 matches

1 match Proposed Demand Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP416 Quantifying benefits of catchment management activities 

1 match Live Demand Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP402 Impact of Valve Operations on Network Performance 

19 matches Completed Demand Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP237 Managing Seasonal Variations in Leakage 
NP176 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter Performance 
CP359 Water Efficiency Devices - Savings Assessment 
CP337 Water Use in New Dwellings 
CP303 The Real Benefits of Pressure Management 
CP222A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Metering Policies 
CP222 Quantifying Effects for Change of Occupancy Metering 
CP188 Long Term Performance of Domestic Meters 
CP187 Domestic Microcomponent Water Use Data 
CP184 Rehabilitation of Service Pipes to Reduce Customer Leakage 
CP139 Flowmeter Auditing Guidelines 
CP138 New Technology Meters & Impacts on Meter Replacement 
CP082 Water Use in Horticulture 
CP065 Integrated Water Balance System 
CP064 Commercial Night Use Estimation 
CP050 District Meter Areas (DMAs) as a Base Management Unit 
CP046 Leakage Target Setting 
CP039 Leakage Target Setting in District Meter Areas 
CP030 National Microcomponent Monitor, Identiflow