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Printer Friendly PageWastewater Treatment

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Wastewater Treatment .

Click on the CP reference for further information.

If you are interested in a research project, call +44 (0)1793 865000 or register your interest by clicking on the project reference and select.

There are 47 matches

5 matches Proposed Wastewater Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP405 Biogas Energy/CHP Optimisation Tool 
CP507 Cold Weather Nitrification - Building the Case 
CP422 Maximising energy recovery from anaerobic digestion 
CP571 Small Rural Sewage Works Unplugged 
CP533 Wastewater Treatment Transformed for Resource Recovery 

6 matches Live Wastewater Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP489 Advanced aeration efficiency 
CP488 Compliance with phosphorus and metal consent requirements 
CP528 Improving Wastewater Compliance using Ecofits 
CP441 Investment Protocol for Emerging Wastewater Treatment Technology 
CP406 Managing Aeration Plants to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions 
NP037 Waste Water Issue Tracking 

36 matches Completed Wastewater Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP071 Asset Life at Small Wastewater Treatment Works 
CP112 Bacteriological Examination of Sludge 
CP374 Better Information for Trade Effluent Control 
CP013 Biosolids Minimisation / Destruction 
CP078 Copper Speciation in Sewage 
CP114 Costs of Alleviating Sewer Flooding 
NP117 Decentralised Power Generation with Syngas, Biogas & Landfill Gas 
CP223 Disposal of Mains Flushing Waste 
CP049 Effluent Measurement for Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 
CP014 Endocrine Disrupters in Sewage Sludge 
CP088 Endocrine Disrupting Substances Treatment Options & Costs 
CP193 Enhanced Treated Sludge with Minimum CAPEX 
CP094 European Bathing Water Directive Revision 
CP229 Final Effluent Monitoring 
CP260 Further Developments to Reduce Odour from Sludge 
NP243 Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process, SOLO 
CP040 Intermittent CSO Discharges & Potential Treatment Options 
CP244 Libya Water Company Manuals 
CP109 Managing Failure at Unmanned Sewage Works 
CP111 MASTAR Environmental Assessment Tool for Sewage Sludge 
CP073 Non-Compliant, Open Channel Flow Gauging Structures 
CP010 Olfactometry & H2S to Minimise Odour Investment 
CP210 Open Channel Flowmeter Selection Guide 
CP051 Quality of Water Treatment Chemicals 
CP194 Reducing Costs / Risk of Failure of Odour Abatement 
CP149 Reducing Odours from Sludge 
CP148 Reducing Sludge Disposal Costs through Dewatering Control 
CP021 Sewage Treatment Efficiency Programme (STEP)
CP041 Sewerage Storage 
CP089 Sludge Characterisation 
CP072 Specification, Design & Operation of Sequencing Batch Reactors 
CP195 Sustainable Technology for Small Wastewater Works 
CP109A Technology to Manage Failure Risk at Unmanned Works 
NP241 Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) 
CP029 Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor Instrumentation (LOADMON)
CP212 Wastewater Sampler Selection 

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