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Printer Friendly PageAsset Management

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Asset Management.

Click on the CP reference for further information.

If you are interested in a research project, call +44 (0)1793 865000 or register your interest by clicking on the project reference and select.

There are 39 matches

7 matches Proposed Asset Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP481 Asset planning for improved resilience against severe drought 
CP565 Global Trunk Mains Resilience Forum and Toolkit 
CP503 Increased Compliance Through Effective Lead Indicators 
CP420 Opening up distribution networks 
CP568 Reducing Financial Risk In Sludge Plans: Applying Real Options Analysis 
CP537 Supply Pipe Management - Preparing for Adoption 
CP479 Whole-life cost-effective jointing techniques for PE pipes 

5 matches Live Asset Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP552 Improving Bacteriological Compliance at Service Reservoirs 
CP570 Minimising PRV Totex Using Predictive Analytics 
CP329 Specification and Maintenance of Geocellular Underground SUD Storage Systems 
CP559 TR61 Version 13 Cost and Carbon Modelling Software 
CP463 True consequences of asset failure on service in distribution 

27 matches Completed Asset Management Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP435 A Common Approach to Risk Fault Trees and Event Trees 
CP063 Asset & Infrastructure Deterioration Models 
CP182 Asset Register Tuning (ART) 
CP298 Controlling Energy Costs using Non-intrusive Monitoring 
CP480 Demonstrating efficient capital maintenance expenditure 
CP320 Embedding Risk-Based Decision Making into Management and General Expenditure 
CP307 Enhanced Integration of TR61 Costing Tools - Development of TR61 V9.0 Software 
CP321 Improving Water Treatment Security - Lifting the Covers on Alarms and Unmanned Sites 
CP278 Infiltration Control Via 'Top-Hat' and Grouting Repair Systems 
CP308 Infiltration Reduction Capabilities of Cured-In-Place Linings 
CP277 Joint Sealing Technologies - a Long Term Solution? 
CP338 Mains Interventions - Improving Benefits Valuation 
NP237 Managing Seasonal Variations in Leakage 
CP220 Managing the Risks of Critical Sewers & Trunk Water Mains 
CP183 Maximising Benefits from PR04 Timetable 
CP251 Meeting Information System Challenges of Future Street Works 
CP383 Modifying Existing Rainfall Design Sets for Climate Change 
CP134 Opex for Asset Management 
CP107 Optimised Waterworks Sludge Thickening 
CP348 Pumps - Maintenance and Replacement to Suit 
CP211 Radio Telemetry Guide 
CP103 Real Cost of Street Works to Water Utilities 
CP295 Real Time Data for Asset Management 
CP062 Risk Assessment in the Water Industry 
CP272 Risk, Cost and Investment Decisions Across Different Asset Groups 
CP355 Underground Asset Information - Meeting Future National Requirements 
CP322 Utilising Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) for PR09 

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