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Printer Friendly PageSewerage

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Sewerage.

Click on the CP reference for further information.

If you are interested in a research project, call +44 (0)1793 865000 or register your interest by clicking on the project reference and select.

There are 70 matches

9 matches Proposed Sewerage Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP548 Sewer Pumping Station User Group 
CP547 Sewerage Control Room of the Future 
CP525 Ice Pigging in Rising Mains 
CP524 Pro-active Sewer Cleaning to Minimise Blockages 
CP486 Implementation of blockage diagnosis in sewers 
CP460 Locating private pumping stations 
CP453 Assessing and Preventing Concrete Corrosion 
CP438 Flow Amplifying Devices in Sewers 
CP407 Sewer Blockages - Predicting Where and When 

14 matches Live Sewerage Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP551 The Rising Main Doctor 
CP526 Trial of Ammonium and Nitrate ISE Probes 
CP523 Tree Root Barriers to Protect Sewer Systems 
CP508 Reducing Pollution Risk at Critical Locations in Sewer Networks 
CP469 Piecing together the benefits of modular construction in sewerage 
CP467 Defining and Managing Health Risks from Sewage Flooding 
CP456 Transfer of Private Sewer Asset Data 
CP455 Standardising Control Panels for New and Transferred Small Pumping Stations 
CP454 Alternative Approaches to Surface Water Separation 
CP451 Rising Mains: To Replace or to Renovate? 
CP425 Improved management of sewer network pumping stations  
CP398 Transfer of Pitch Fibre Pipes to Sewerage Undertakers 
CP397 Post 2011 - A New Approach to Small Bore Drainage Management 
CP342 Impact of Using Sewers for Food Waste Disposal 

47 matches Completed Sewerage Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP207 Laying & Adopting Public Lateral Drains 
CP468 Sewer Blockage Clearance - Good Practice Guidance 
CP408 Septicity in Rising Mains and H2S Corrosion in Sewers 
CP373 Street Ironwork - Cost Effective Management 
CP372 Getting the Most from CCTV Inspections 
CP371a Rising Mains Inspection - Getting the Inside Picture 
CP371 New Sewage Rising Mains Inspection Methods  
CP370 Water Industry Specifications for Small Sewage Pumping Stations 
CP368 Understanding the Impact of Interceptors 
CP367 The Effect of Reduced Water Usage on Sewer Solid Movement in Small Pipes 
CP312 Predisposition of Properties to Flooding 
CP311 Impact on the Drainage System of Disposable Products 
CP309 Updating the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual 
CP290 Fats, oils and greases (FOG) 
CP284 Rising Mains Guidance Manual 
CP283 Understanding Blockages in Small Diameter Sewer Pipes 
CP278 Infiltration Control Via 'Top-Hat' and Grouting Repair Systems 
CP277 Joint Sealing Technologies - a Long Term Solution? 
CP276 Private Sewers and Lateral Drains - Inspection, Cleaning and Renovation 
CP275 How to Solve the Pitch Fibre Pipe Problem 
CP258 Proactive Low Cost Monitoring for Sewer Cleaning 
CP244 Libya Water Company Manuals 
CP226 Emergency Overflows from Sewage Pumping Stations 
CP206 Intra-Urban Impacts of Future Flood Risk 
CP192 Reducing Rising Main Failures through Pre-emptive Inspection 
CP191 Reducing Sewer Collapse Risk using GIS Soil Maps 
CP170 Identification & Assessment of Hazardous Areas 
CP169 Best Practice in Drain Repair 
CP167 Sewer Repair & Sealing Techniques, Long Term Testing 
CP147 Reducing Tree Root Penetration of Pipe Joints 
CP146 Best Practice in Sewer Jetting to Reduce Sewer Flooding 
CP145 Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Sewerage Networks (CARE-S) 
CP144 Drainage Layouts for New Styles of Housing 
CP133 Reliable CSO Monitoring 
CP114 Costs of Alleviating Sewer Flooding 
CP108 Reassuring Public Confidence after Sewage Flooding 
CP096 Inspecting Sewers & Image Analysis by Computer (ISAAC) 
CP079 Sewer Repairs, Manholes, Chambers & Pumping Stations 
CP077 Sewer Sealing Systems, Joints & Defects 
CP076 Installing Telecommunication Ducts / Cables in Sewers 
CP055 Sewer Manholes & Other Confined Spaces Operator Guidance 
CP054 Pollution Prevention & Control in Sewer Systems 
CP053 Pumping Station, Rising Main Risk 
CP041 Sewerage Storage 
CP029 Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor Instrumentation (LOADMON)
CP017A Reducing Odours in Sewerage Rising Mains 
CP017 Odour Control in Rising Mains 

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