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Printer Friendly PageWater Treatment

This section displays collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry in the area of Water Treatment.

Click on the CP reference for further information.

If you are interested in a research project, call +44 (0)1793 865000 or register your interest by clicking on the project reference and select.

There are 56 matches

5 matches Proposed Water Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP538 Microbubbles in Water Treatment 
CP483 Catchment Management Routes Towards Chemical Free Treatment 
CP466 Planning for Emergency Events in Water Supply 
CP430 Planning for Emergency Events in Water Supply 
CP413 Implementing UV/Peroxide for Water Treatment  

5 matches Live Water Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
CP518 The Future of Biotreatment for Drinking Water 
CP504 Getting the Best Out of Powdered Activated Carbon 
CP484 DBP risk management 
CP450 Climate Change, Algal Growth and Management of Water Supply 
CP404 Water Treatment Disinfection Forum 

46 matches Completed Water Treatment Projects
Ref. Research Title
NP175 Ground Water Investigation & Passive Wastewater Treatment 
NP174 Web-based European Knowledge Network on Water, WEKNOW 
NP059 Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG) 
CP393 Optimising Granular Activated Carbon Regeneration 
CP377 Implementing UV Disinfection for Water 
CP369 Stannous Chloride for Plumbosolvency Control 
CP354a Pesticide Removal Tests 
CP354 Removal of Metaldehyde 
CP352 Rapid Resolution of Taste and Odour Complaints 
CP351 Towards Chemical Free Treatment: Is Coagulation Sustainable? 
CP334 Optimisation of Filter Backwashing 
CP327 Chlorination: Planning for PR09 
CP326 Alternative Filtration Media 
CP306 Integrating reservoir and water treatment management to control algal problems 
CP282b Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework 
CP282 Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework 
CP281 Using Dissolved Oxygen for Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality 
CP256 Holistic Monitoring to Increase Security & Reduce Costs 
CP244 Libya Water Company Manuals 
CP209 Operating Cost Models for Treatment Works 
CP190 Zebra Mussel Problems in Water Intakes / Pipelines 
CP189 High Rate Clarification 
CP171 Managing Manganese in Distribution 
CP168 Algal Toxins / Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water (TOXIC) 
CP163 WHO Drinking Water Guidelines 
CP142 Lime Systems with Maximum Reliability & Minimum Cost 
CP140 Predictions of Membrane Life & Operating Costs 
CP121 In-Situ Bioremediation of High Nitrate Groundwaters 
CP107 Optimised Waterworks Sludge Thickening 
CP106 Water Production Proficiency Programme (HOPP) 
CP099 European Dangerous Substances & Water Framework Directive 
CP097 Sustainable Water Management in the UK (Foresight) 
CP093 Benchmarking African Water Utilities 
CP086 Construction Products in contact with Drinking Water 
CP085 Focus on Energy Consumption in Wisconsin, USA 
CP083 Serviceability Measures for Capital Maintenance Planning 
CP070 Chloramination of Water Supplies, Best Practice 
CP069 Membrane Plant Integrity Testing 
CP068 DAF Saturator Systems, Asset Replacement & New Design 
CP058 Cryptosporidium Monitoring 
CP052 Fluoridation of Drinking Water 
CP051 Quality of Water Treatment Chemicals 
CP047 PhD Research (PTP)
CP032 Predicting Asset Life and Capital Maintenance 
CP025 Capital and Operating Cost Models 
CP016 Monitoring of Water Treatment Processes 

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