Proposed Research

These proposed research projects in the water, wastewater and environment industry are targeted at topical issues of concern to a number of organisations.

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Ref. Research Title Topic Area
CP571 Small Rural Sewage Works Unplugged  Wastewater Treatment
CP568 Reducing Financial Risk In Sludge Plans: Applying Real Options Analysis  Asset Management
CP566 The Future of Water Metering - New technologies put through their paces  Metering
CP565 Global Trunk Mains Resilience Forum and Toolkit  Asset Management
CP556 Valuing the Customer Mindset  Customer Service
CP548 Sewer Pumping Station User Group  Sewerage
CP547 Sewerage Control Room of the Future  Sewerage
CP546 Rapid Detection of Misconnections  Water Distribution
CP545 Transforming FOG into an energy resource using AD  Energy
CP544 Low Energy Wastewater Treatment  Energy
CP543 Cell Cracking to Increase Energy Production   Energy
CP542 Realising the Carbon Benefits of Catchment Management  Carbon Management
CP541 BIM - What's the value to the Water Industry?  Data & Information
CP540 Proactive Management of Water Distribution Systems  Water Distribution
CP539 Fittings Inspections - One Best Way  Water Quality
CP538 Microbubbles in Water Treatment  Water Treatment
CP537 Supply Pipe Management - Preparing for Adoption  Asset Management
CP536 Using gamification to drive water efficiency   Water Resources
CP535 Improving meter installation saves money!  Metering
CP534 Getting full value from large meter verification data  Metering
CP533 Wastewater Treatment Transformed for Resource Recovery  Wastewater Treatment
CP532 Monitoring Health and Diet for a Fit Digester  Monitoring
CP531 Energy Benchmarking to Reduce Operational Costs  Water & Wastewater
CP529 Capital Management to Improve Bathing Water Compliance  Receiving Water Quality
CP525 Ice Pigging in Rising Mains  Sewerage
CP524 Pro-active Sewer Cleaning to Minimise Blockages  Sewerage
CP522 Understanding Wildfire Risk  Drinking Water Quality
CP521 Determination of Taste and Odour Thresholds of Plasticisers  Drinking Water Quality
CP519 Enhancing Rainwater Capture  Water Resources
CP516 SIMCAT User Forum   Technology
CP514 Reducing Costs of Reinstatements of Small Excavations  Underground Assets
CP513 Embedding Innovation in your Business  Business Processes
CP512 Data - Getting it Right for the Water Retail Market  Customer Service
CP511 Delivering Risk Reduction at Small WwTW  Technology
CP509 Protecting the Sludge Recycling Market from POPs  Waste
CP507 Cold Weather Nitrification - Building the Case  Wastewater Treatment
CP506 Evidence Review of Catchment Strategies for Managing Metaldehyde  Environmental Management
CP503 Increased Compliance Through Effective Lead Indicators  Asset Management
CP498 Mapping Ecosystem Services  Catchment Management
CP497 Maximising information from catchment management data  Catchment Management
CP495 Developing best practice for instrumentation use in challenging applications   Instrumentation
CP494 Adoption of flow amplifying devices in sewer management - the business case  Technology Development
CP493 Human health effects of thermosetting resins used for pipe lining  Technology Development
CP492 Developing protocols for beneficial recovery of screenings  Waste
CP491 Co-Digestion - A Full Scale Practical Test  Waste
CP486 Implementation of blockage diagnosis in sewers  Sewerage
CP483 Catchment Management Routes Towards Chemical Free Treatment  Water Treatment
CP481 Asset planning for improved resilience against severe drought  Asset Management
CP479 Whole-life cost-effective jointing techniques for PE pipes  Asset Management
CP475 A Structured Approach to Hydraulic Model Maintenance  Data & Information
CP474 Better Day-to-Day Customer Interaction  Data and Information
CP472 Catchment based sewer grits and screenings management  Water & Wastewater
CP470 Minimising Odour from Biosolids Recycling to Agricultural Land  Water & Wastewater
CP466 Planning for Emergency Events in Water Supply  Water Treatment
CP465 Fibre optics for trunk mains leak detection and location   Leak Detection
CP462 Better estimation of plumbing losses  Leakage
CP460 Locating private pumping stations  Sewerage
CP459 Development of a Rapid Test for Anaerobic Digestion  Waste & Resource Management
CP458 Enhancing Energy Production from Effluent Reuse  Energy
CP453 Assessing and Preventing Concrete Corrosion  Sewerage
CP446 Understanding Household Outdoor Water Use  Water Use
CP440 Real Time Control - Holistic Management of Wastewater   Real Time Control
CP439 Development of a rapid test for Anaerobic Digestion  Resource Management
CP438 Flow Amplifying Devices in Sewers  Sewerage
CP437 Common Data Model for Public and Private Sewers   Business Planning
CP436 Opportunities and threats in adopting the National Address Gazetteer  Business Planning
CP432 Forward Planning to meet the Revised Bathing Water Directive  Environmental Policy & Legislation
CP430 Planning for Emergency Events in Water Supply  Water Treatment
CP422 Maximising energy recovery from anaerobic digestion  Wastewater Treatment
CP420 Opening up distribution networks  Asset Management
CP418 Better Service Pipe Information  Business Planning
CP417 CBA of short life assets - instrumentation  Instrumentation
CP416 Quantifying benefits of catchment management activities  Environmental Management
CP415 Carbon Accounting of Water Treatment  Carbon Footprint
CP414 Forward planning for future drinking water regulations  NCET
CP413 Implementing UV/Peroxide for Water Treatment   Water Treatment
CP409 Carbon Accounting WFD Programme of Measures  WFD
CP407 Sewer Blockages - Predicting Where and When  Sewerage
CP405 Biogas Energy/CHP Optimisation Tool  Wastewater Treatment
CP400 SIM - Behind the Headlines  Business Planning
CP378 Instrument User Group   Monitoring
CP024 Geographical Information User Group 2014 - 2016  Data & Information