Selected Information - Completed Research

CP081  Treatment of Landfill Leachates using Evaporators Waste Management
This research evaluated the performance of a Mechanical Vapour Evaporator (MVR) in treating landfill leachates and producing a clean effluent for release to a watercourse in an economic way.

Landfill leachate can be a strong effluent and must be treated prior to its discharge to a water course. A number of disposal and treatment process options are available, including discharge to sewer, reedbeds and the activated sludge process.

An alternative method evaporates the leachate and subsequent condenses the steam as a clean effluent stream, with a concentrated waste stream returned to the landfill. Most evaporators operate at high temperatures and require large quantities of energy, which usually makes them uneconomic.

This work examined the Hadwaco MVR Evaporator which evaporates at a low temperature and hence requires less energy. The performance of the Evaporator was evaluated in treating landfill leachates of varying characteristics and under a range of operating conditions.

This project was approved by ENTRUST the regulator of Environmental Bodies under the UK Landfill Tax Regulations. The collaborators in the work were WRL (Project Management), Hadwaco from Finland, Aquateam Norwegian Water Technology Centre from Norway, Biffa Waste Services and WRc.


Landfill Operators can use this evaluation to determine the cost/benefits of using an evaporator, which has a low energy demand. For an individual landfill site, planners can identify if the technique is suitable for treating landfill leachate, prior to discharge to a surface watercourse.