Selected Information - Completed Research

CP066  Reduction in Unexpected Nitrate Increases in Supply Water Resources
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Prolonged periods of heavy rainfall may cause unexpected increases in groundwater nitrate that pose significant problems to maintaining supply, particularly if blending is critical or chloraminate treatment is in use.

Phase 1 of this project will identify the driving mechanisms that lead to such increases to enable the management of resources and operational issues under such sudden and unexpected changes. A Phase 2 field validation/demonstration exercise may be required to compliment the proposed work programme. The study is being conducted by WRc for three water undertakings.


  • Reduce the risk of introducing water into supply that exceeds Drinking Water quality standards
  • Control and minimisation of the sources and pathways of nitrate increases
  • Reduction of investment in treatment plant which may be redundant for long periods of non-use.