Selected Information - Completed Research

CP354a  Pesticide Removal Tests Water Treatment
Background and Objective

Performance data for the removal of pesticides, particularily the urons, acid herbicides and triazine compounds, were developed in the 1990s and resulted in widespread water treatment capital programmes. Recently, awareness of other pesticides has been raised, and there is a need to establish whether current water treatment provides adequate removal of these. The objective of this work was to obtain water treatment performance data for a range of pesticides, including clopyralid, picloram, triclopyr, propyzamide, ethofumesate and methiocarb. A literature review identified published information on the removal of these compounds by water treatment processes, andlaboratory tests were carried out to evaluate removal by activated carbon adsorption or ozonation.

Benefits to Clients

  • Confirmation of thenperformance of treatment for removal of specific pesticides.
  • Identification of the need for additional treatmet, and the most cost effective treatment options, for the pesticides investigated.