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CP516  SIMCAT User Forum Technology
Project Appreciation and Objectives

SIMCAT has been in use for nearly 30 years by both the Environment Agency, the owners of SIMCAT, and the WaSCs. Recently a number of organisations have expressed a desire for a forum, or discussion group, to help identify best practices for using SIMCAT, including model creation, data analysis and interpretation of the results.

The creation of a user group will allow users from various organisations to be brought together, facilitating the sharing of ideas of how SIMCAT, including SAGIS, can be used for maximising benefit to catchment planning or in support of PR14 planning and AMP6 delivery. Structured workshops and meetings provide opportunities to Network, meet new users and be exposed to new services and thinking. The members of the forum also have the opportunity to shape and steer themes and topics to be covered by the meetings.

The objective of the forum is to enable participants to improve their beneficial use of SIMCAT/SAGIS and to influence future applications and developments in environmental modelling.

Business Benefits to Clients

  • Identify and illustrate best practice for SIMCAT and SAGIS modelling.
  • Shared experience of modelling river water quality by industry peers.
  • Detail continuing development of SIMCAT and SAGIS.
  • Discussion forum allowing members to post queries to other members.,/li>

Work Programme

  1. 3 forum meetings, spaced equally throughout the year.
  2. Dedicated web forum.

Project Output and Implementation

  • User group meetings. The initial meeting will be held at WRc offices with further meetings held at the offices of member organisations. The meetings will consist of a series of themed presentations from members of the group or guest speakers representing a variety of external organisations.
  • The discussion forum will be available through an MS SharePoint web site hosted by WRc.

Related WRc Work

  • Development of SIMCAT models to covering all 4 river basin districts for NIEA and development of revised SIMCAT models for United Utilities incorporating the detailed river network from the EA (2012).
  • Chemical Source Apportionment under the WFD model scoping document for UKWIR 10/WW/02/2 (2009) and on-going work for WW02C WW346 WFD SAGIS Lakes, Coastal and Transitional Waters
  • CP024 GIUG: Geographical User Group. GIS forum (ongoing).

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