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CP515  Smart Meter User Group Metering
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Opportunities for industry practitioners to meet, share experience and discuss the way forward for water smart metering have been reduced following the winding down of the Ofwat Smart Metering Advisory Group (SMAG) and the completion of the most recent UKWIR project. This is at a time when hands on experience is beginning to demonstrate added value such as:

  • The opportunity to gather more frequent and detailed information on consumption.
  • Greater accuracy and speed of reading.
  • Additional data such as leak, reverse flow and tamper alerts.
  • Improved, informed customer engagement, feeding detailed water use data back to customers.
  • More effective targeting of water efficiency campaigns.

Energy smart metering in the UK is also pressing ahead. Whilst water is not currently included in this programme, the industry needs to be aware of developments, the opportunities this may offer and how it will impact on customers - possibly raising expectations and enquiries or changing water use behaviour.

A new Smart Meter Users Group will be a valuable route for dissemination of information about smart metering, encourage experience and lessons to be shared and enable the industry to keep abreast of wider smart metering activities.

Business Benefits to Clients

  • Identification of opportunities for smart water metering, learning from others within and outside the water sector, engagement with suppliers and service providers.
  • More effective implementation of smart metering across the industry.

Work Programme

  1. Development of agenda/programme and logistics for six meetings / workshops;
  2. Preparation and circulation od quarterly digests of developments in smart metering (including the energy programme);
  3. Email alerts of topical issues, events and consultations.

Project Output and Implementation

  • Six smart meter user group meetings/workshops;
  • Notes and minutes and any presentation material from the six meetings;
  • Quarterly digest of smart metering activity.

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  • Intelligent Metering Initiative operations group (SBWWI. 2008-10).

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