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CP493  Human health effects of thermosetting resins used for pipe lining Technology Development
Project Appreciation and Objectives

The UK Water Industry conducts lining of potable water mains and sewers/drains with techniques such as spray lining and lining with cured-in-place pipe. Both of these techniques use thermosetting resins which consist of reactive and typically unpleasant chemicals which can have a number of detrimental health effects ranging from being an irritant to potentially carcinogenic. This project will conduct on-site air sampling to measure airborne emission of volatile chemicals to determine if these are within air quality Workplace Exposure Limits. This will help assess the potential health impact of these techniques on lining operatives and the public.

This project will provide:

  • A clear and quantified understanding of the potential for detrimental health effects resulting from pipe lining techniques using thermosetting resins.
  • An assessment of the typical airborne emissions from pipe lining works.
  • An appreciation of how these emissions may affect selection of technology and a company's maintenance operations.

Business Benefits to Clients

The project will provide water companies with the information required to assess the potential health effects of lining systems utilising thermosetting resins, specifically to:

  • Quantify the typical air emissions from commonly used thermosetting resins.
  • Justify current and future use of thermosetting resins in pipe lining operations.

Work Programme

  1. Confirm current air quality Workplace Exposure Limits requirements for specific lining chemicals.
  2. Develop an air sampling protocol and contractor premises/on-site sampling programme.
  3. Undertake air sampling at contractor premises and on-site.
  4. Develop recommendations from air sampling results.

Project Output and Implementation

This project will develop guidance to assist those operating water main and sewerage systems and drains to assess the appropriateness of lining techniques, which will:

  • Quantify any potential detrimental health effects to lining operators and members of the public, and;
  • Support future planning and investment decisions in water main and sewer/drain maintenance.

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