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CP457  Wastewater Operator Training and Competency Assessment Tool Competency
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Water utilities recognise that the provision of a programme of training and development, supported by competency assessment, is essential to ensure that operational personnel have the appropriate knowledge, skills and operational competency to achieve the high levels of performance required to meet demanding regulatory and environmental targets.

Operators have limited opportunities to experience a range of emergency and failure conditions under real-life conditions but would benefit enormously from being able to do so in a simulated wastewater treatment works enviroment with zero risk to compliance.

The objective of this project is to develop a software training and competency assessment tool based on simulation of a selection of wastewater treatment process streams by linking the inputs and outputs of a dynamic computer based model (STOAT) to a simulated SCADA operator interface. Trainees will be faced with a selection of predetermined scenarios that will require them to take action. Their responses and consequences will be recorded for post-exercise assessment of knowledge and competency. The concept is based on a system successfully developed for drinking water treatment and a pre-existing wastewater prototype.

Benefits to Clients

  • An increased level of process knowledge and understanding amongst wastewater operators and other personnel.
  • Improved employee engagement in wastewater training programmes through use of software simulation and interaction.
  • Increased flexibility of training delivery through use of the tool either in a classroom situation or by an individual using a PC/laptop.
  • Improvements to enviromenta, regulatory and efficiency targets through increased knowledge, skills and competency of wastewater operators and other operational personnel.

Work Programme

  1. Development and agreement of the specification for the training tool, building on the prototype to identify specific requirements and enhancements.
  2. Development of training tool scenarios.
  3. Development of training tool functionality.
  4. Production of the user guide.
  5. Product testing and delivery.

Project Output

  • A generic wastewater operator training and competency assessment tool.
  • User manuals supplied in electronic format.
  • A workshop to demonstrate the full functionality of the tool.

Related Work

  • STOAT dynamic wastewater treatment simulation.
  • Drinking Water Training Tool - real-time water treatment process scenerio-based simulator.
  • Delivery of wastewaer related training courses including FOG awareness and STOAT modelling for UK water utilities and wastewater process familiarisaton for the Environment Agency.
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