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CP456  Transfer of Private Sewer Asset Data Sewerage
Project Apprecation and Objectives

The number of Section 104 agreements will increase substantially following commencement of Section 42 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and so water company costs of transfer will increase.

As a result an issue that will need to be addressed is the transfer of the sewer information which developers produce on their CAD systems or as paper drawings to the company GIS systems. Electronic transfer is not straightforward because of the complex and varied formats used by the various developers that are involved.

The project's objectives are to develop a standard transfer format and a tool that can be used by the developers and companies to collate, quality assure and then assimilate these new sewer records.

The tool will encompass four aspects:

  • Enable sewer data to be digitised to a required CAD protocol by developers.
  • Quality assure the CAD records to ensure tht they meet defined standards.
  • Prepare data ready for automatic update to the company GIS.
  • Manage versions of development sites as they progress through time.

The CAD protocol and data exchange standard would be incorporated into Sewers for Adoption as a requirement for developers when submitting plans electronically.

Benefits to Clients

  • A reduction in the staff requiremens and costs associated with the adoption of new sewers/laterals.
  • Consistent capture and quality assurance of new sewer records using a tool that is available free of charge for use by developers and water companies.
  • Improved information flow enabling companies to understand the up-to-date layout of their sewer networks and so aid both operational and investment planning.

Work Programme

  1. Establish and agree the user requirement specification and the requirements for a records exchange standard.
  2. Develop and test the tools and the exchange standard in a water company environment.
  3. Finalise the tool and the exchange stadnard and facilitate hand-over to each participant.

Project Output

  • A CAD protocol document for the provision of developers' drawings.
  • A set of tools for importing, validating, correcting, exporting and managing versions of developers' drawings.
  • An exchange mechanism for exporting valid developers' drawings into a host GIS.

Related Work

  • Establishing and maintaining the UKWIR Sewers and Water Mains Failure database - 2006 - 2010
  • Development of the EToN Notice schemas for the Department for Transport - 2007.
  • Development of the various Water Framework Directive GIS exchange standards and mechanisms for the European Commission - 2003 - to-date
  • Sewers for Adoption.
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