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CP455  Standardising Control Panels for New and Transferred Small Pumping Stations Sewerage
Project Appreciation and Objectives

The transfer of private sewers is expected to involve the transfer of over 20,000 private pumpting stations to water companies in England and Wales between 2011 and 2016. These pumping stations will in most cases be smaller than Water and Sewerage Companies' (WaSC) existing pumping stations and will have simple control panels that typically have a number of shortcomings.

A recently completed UKWIR project developed industry agreed levels of serviceability for transferred pumping stations. Many control panels will require modification to meet the minimum serviceability,maintainability and safety requirements ofthe WaSCs. Depending on the telemetry/alarm signals required, the condition of the panel and its location, the modifications could be extensive and replacement of the panel could be more economic than modification.

Assuming that for half of the 20,000 transferred pumping stations it will be more cost effective to install a new control panel, then approximately 2,000 new control panels will be required each year over the five year period. A new control panel for adoptable pumping stations currently costs approximately £1,500. Therefore WaSCs will have to spend around £3,000,000 per year over the five year period on upgrading control panels.

A standard specification would allow large-scale production and with manufactuers competing, there is scope for at least a 20% reduction int he cost. This equates to a 20% reduction in the cost. This equates to a saving £600,000 per year over the five year period for the industry.

The objective of this project is to produce a standard control panel specification for small pumping stations for issue by WaSCs to their suppliers.

Benefits to Clients

  • Reduced costs of upgrading transferred pumping stations.
  • Quicker and easier upgrading and maintenance of transferred pumping stations, with improved alarm management.

Work Programme

Develop and agree the specification that meets the requirements of the participants through liaison with panel manufacturers and the project liaison group. WRc will aid agreement of this specification by collating information and comments, providing independent technical advice, circulating material for discussion prior to liaison group meetings and draft the specification.

Project Output

A standard control panel specification which meetsthe needs of the participants.

Related Work

  • UKWIR Industry Agreed Levels of Serviceability for Transferred Pumping Stations - 2010.
  • CP321A Alarm Systems Improvement Group - On-going
  • Sewers for Adoption - on-going

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