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CP428  Technology based solutions for lead Underground Assets
Project Appreciation and Objectives

The regulatory standard for lead compliance will be reduced from 25μg/l to 10 µg/l in December 2013. Currently there are a variety of policies being implemented by the water utilities, including phosphate dosing, active and reactive lead pipes replacement, and active renovation (lining) of lead pipes. Without additional actions many companies face increased non-compliance.

In the 1990's there were many existing and developing techniques for replacing and renovating lead pipes though these are now seldom used within the UK. Recently there has been renewed interest in this area and a new resin lining system has been launched.

This project, open to water utilities and manufacturers/suppliers/contractors offering lead pipe replacement and renovation techniques, will undertake a technical and financial review (including site visits or trials) on available techniques to understand how easy/practical they are to implement, in service performance and life expectancy. The economic argument between (reducing) dosing phosphate and replacement or renovation will also be explored.

Benefits to Clients

  • Informed decision making, based on a detailed understanding of which techniques are technically appropriate and the performance of different lead replacement and renovation systems.
  • A comprehensive economic assessment of the dosing/replacement/renovation options to better understand where these options are best utilised.
  • An up-to-date assessment of the regulatory implications of the dosing/replacement/ renovation options.
  • Information which can be used by water companies to provide advice relating to supply pipes renovation to their customers.

Work Programme

  1. Desk based review, supported by site visits, of available replacement and renovation of underground lead pipes techniques.
  2. Collation of cost information associated with phosphate dosing, replacement and renovation techniques from manufacturers and participants.
  3. Development of a spread-sheet tool for selection of appropriate lead pipe management options.

Project Output

  • A comprehensive report providing a detailed review of currently available techniques for the replacement and renovation of underground lead pipes.
  • A spread-sheet tool which will allow the selection of appropriate lead pipe management options (phosphate dosing, replacement, renovation) for particular situations.

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