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CP348b  Pump whole life cost model - Continuation project Business Planning
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Over the past two years CP348A has delivered a whole life cost (WLC) tool which optimises refurbishment of pumps, using average deterioration data. This is the first evidence-based tool for pump management available to water companies and represents a significant advance. The model provides the justification for investment in interventions offering net cost benefits, energy/carbon savings and improvement to the company's pump stock.

This proposal provides for improvements to the model through the use of new pump test data, and additional functionality. The additional functionality will assist users in making the case for investment in pump refurbishment/replacement to OFWAT. The project will also extend the WLC package with new tools to support users in estimating potential benefits of variable speed drives (VSDs) for pumps and in optimising the whole life costs of a set of pumps.

The Pump Centre will continue as valued independent pump engineering consultants to the project.

Benefits to Clients

Pumps have large CAPEX and OPEX budgets. Pumps are also part or sole cause of a great many regulatory and service failures. Managing them well is therefore essential for any successful water and/or sewage utility. The main benefits of using the whole life cost tool are:

  • Cost savings by timely refurbishment actions;
  • Carbon and energy savings;
  • Improved overall condition of the pump stock.

A collaborate approach to tackling specific issues through mini projects offers a cost effective approach to developing solutions through shared knowledge and understanding.

Work Programme

  • Development of the VSD cost benefit tool and pump set whole life cost tool.
  • Updating and improvements to the whole life cost tool model. This will include both functionality and model improvement using new data.
  • A 6 month meeting to review the whole life cost tool.

Project Output

The project outputs will be:

  • Shared information from end-users of the existing package.
  • Updated whole life cost tool and guidance notes.
  • Spreadsheet tool for pump Variable Speed Drive costs and benefits with guidance notes.
  • Spreadsheet tool for pump sets.
  • Workshop on using the whole life cost tool for planning investment.

Related WRc Work

  • CP348A which developed the first evidence-based whole life cost model for pump management.
  • Development of a carbon accounting methodology for the UK water industry, involving extensive modelling.
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