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CP419  Improving AMA through data quality Business Planning
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Ofwat used their Asset Management Assessment (AMA) process to challenge Water Utilities' business plans at PR09. The AMA process provides a means of assessing how well a Utility has applied the principles of the Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework (CMPCF). The Data and Analysis high level areas constitute a significant proportion of a company's overall AMA score. Companies need to demonstrate the robustness of their business plan by demonstrating how the quality of their data informs the confidence in, and the sensitivities around, each business case.

Ofwat, who support the aims of this project, scrutinises the quality and robustness of the data used in arriving at each business case for further investment. In its Forward Programme, it stated that assessing data quality used for PR14 business planning will be an important component of the determination: "we will conduct detailed checks of the underlying source data for completeness and accuracy".

This project will show, for each participating Company, how the quality of business data relates to its AMA score and how small changes can lead to tangible financial benefits. The aspects of the CMPCF relating to data quality will be recorded and the appropriate mechanisms for demonstrating auditable data quality will be documented. Outline business cases for projects to address data quality issues will be produced. These will serve to increase the likelihood of an improvement of AMA scores at PR14.

Benefits to Clients

  • Potential for improved AMA score through identification of opportunities for data quality improvement.
  • Establishes an evidence base for the relationship between data quality and the AMA score that can be used to develop more robust business cases.
  • Provision of a road map for focus areas to improve the data quality aspects of the AMA.

Work Programme

  1. Review the AMA and develop framework for assessing data quality auditability.
  2. Start-up meeting to explain and review framework.
  3. Review data audit processes for individual companies.
  4. Review individual AMA reporter's comments and identify the breadth of AMA related data quality issues.
  5. Develop outline business cases for AMA related data quality issues.
  6. Dissemination meeting to present results.

Project Output

A final report that:

  • Identifies the different data quality aspects of the AMA.
  • Provides outline business cases, for example, areas highlighted in reporters comments.
  • Defines an auditable approach to data quality that can be used to support the provision of a business plan and its associated decisions.

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