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CP402  Impact of Valve Operations on Network Performance Leakage
Project Appreciation and Objectives

It is known that mains rehabilitation and replacement projects are often followed a period of increased burst rates in 'local' mains and service pipes. Whilst these interventions are physically disruptive to networks, such mains rehabilitation activities cannot explain the increases in bursts associated with non rehabilitated mains and pipes. There is therefore another mechanism causing the deterioration in burst rate performance.

The operation of valves, to facilitate these and many other frequent distribution operational activities, can lead to increased velocity and pressure. Pressure transients can travel through the distribution system and cause high pressures that will have an affect on the pipe. This transient pressure will also be affected by the number of connections and changes in pipe diameter.

This project will verify and quantify pressure transients in a range of distribution systems of varying material type and operating conditions, in order to fully understand the impact of valve operations on network performance.

Benefits to Clients

  • Detailed understanding and quantification of the impact of distribution valve operations.
  • Ability to amend current practice, ensure minimal disruption to the distribution network, and reduce costs.
  • Maximise benefits from mains rehabilitation, mains replacement and leak repairs.

Work Programme

  1. Analyse existing company data to develop a relationship between activities that involve valve operations and the impact on mains failures.
  2. Perform detailed pressure measurement following valve operations for a variety of conditions including rural networks (low levels of branches and service connections), urban networks (high levels of branches and service connections), different mains material types, different operating pressure and velocities.
  3. Develop robust relationships between distribution valve operations and pressure transients, under different conditions.

Project Output

  • Comprehenisve project report, providing a detailed understanding of how valve operations can impact network performance.
  • Practical recommendations for the operation of valves to minimise network disruption.
  • Dissemination workshops to discuss and present the study findings.

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