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CP321a  Water Industry Alarm Systems Improvement Group (2010 - 2011) Risk Management
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Alarm management is a critical business function in mitigating risk whilst meeting increasing obligations to health and safety, the environment, customers and business efficiency.

As water companies continue to move to more centralised, real-time management of operations, the need for effective and reliable alarm system performance has never been greater. Effective alarm systems are key inputs to work and asset management.

Previous work reviewed current practice in the water industry with reference to EEMUA 191 which is widely recognised as the leading benchmark of best practice in industrial alarm systems. It was concluded that the water industry would benefit from a more coherent and rigorous framework for alarm system design and management. As a result, the Water Industry Alarm Systems Improvement Group was established as a cost-effective way of moving forward and continuing the collaborative approach.

Benefits to Clients

  • Better alarm systems that result in safer and more efficient and cost-effective operations, and improved customer service:

    • Valuable forum for sharing engineering and operational experiences and expertise, and lessons learned from alarm improvement initiatives.
    • Benchmarking and learning from leaders in other industry sectors.
    • Opportunity to visit other companies' control centres.

  • Demonstrate to the HSE, regulators and auditors that sound principles and good practice have been applied to the design and management of alarm systems.
  • Enhance reputation as innovators in defining standards and best industry practice, and provide an impetus to manufacturers to develop better and more standardised systems.

Work Programme

  • Quarterly meetings/workshops focusing on key themes/topics agreed by the Group. WRc will undertake the necessary information gathering and analysis, present the findings for discussion and agreement by the Group and produce best practice guidance material.
  • Member of the EEMUA Industry Review Group.
  • Develop the user group format, e.g. to include presentations/demonstrations from other sectors and selected technology vendors.

Project Output

  • Best practice guidance on agreed topics, meeting agendas, minutes and presentations.
  • Summary position papers on revision of EEMUA 191 and lessons learnt.
  • Maintenance of dedicated website/archive.

Related Work

  • Improving Alarm Systems in Water Treatment, CP321, 2008.
  • Several telemetry/SCADA projects, UK and overseas clients, 2003-present.
  • Investigating water treatment monitoring and control strategy, major utility, 2004.
  • Comparing monitoring control and automation methods with other UK water treatment practice, major utility, 2004.
  • Intelligent alarms in monitoring small STW studies, 2001-2004.
  • Geographical Information Users Group, CP204, 2000-present.
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