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CP399  Towards Integrated Distribution Management - A Common Approach to Risk Business Planning
Project Appreciation and Objectives

A number of different approaches have been developed over recent years to operate, maintain and determine optimum capital investment for water distribution systems. These have been developed to address different drivers and include Distribution Operation and Maintenance strategies (DOMS), drinking water safety plans (DWSPs), Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework (CMPCF) and Water Resource Management Plans (WRMPs). In order to develop the optimal mix of interventions that can be undertaken on the water distribution network these approaches must be brought together as part of an overall Integrated Distribution Management (IDM) strategy.

A recent IDM Portfolio workshop identified the assessment and effective comparison of risk across all parts of the business as a key element to IDM to prevent inconsistencies and conflict in decision making. Working towards a fully integrated approach this project will address the composition and comparison of risk from different parts of the business.

Benefits to Clients

  • A uniform approach to risk by establishing risk principles, policy, strategy and a common language.
  • Optimise interventions to assess, control, exploit, finance, and monitor risks from all sources.
  • Minimise costs whilst satisfying differing regulatory requirements, and maximising performance delivery to customers.
  • Integrated strategic approach to the management of risk for the next PR14 business planning cycle.

Work Programme

  1. Identifiy and resolve particular areas of difficulty in assessing risk.
  2. Develop a methodology for understanding how activities and interventions are integrated and linked within the supply system using fault tree analysis.
  3. Define severity of consequences through common consensus.
  4. Develop a hierarchical approach to assess the likelihood of an event happening, including events where little or no actual data exists.
  5. Identify suitable methodologies by which to aggregate and assess risks of single and multiple, similar and/or disparate activities.
  6. Develop a good practice risk management framework for IDM.

Project Output

  • Group meetings to review approach to risk with peers and experts.
  • Comprehensive technical guide assessing the components and application of risk within the business planning process.
  • Dissemination workshop.

Related WRc Work

  • Sewerage Risk Management, CP309, 2008.
  • Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy, CP322, 2007.
  • Development of Service Risk Impact Matrices, 2006.
  • Assessing the use of Structural Equation Modelling to support risk assessment, 2007.
  • Managing the risks of critical sewers and trunk mains, CP220, 2006.
  • Manuals - Planning the Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Systems, 1990; Repair of Distribution and Trunk Mains, 1994; and Trenchless Technology, 3rd Edition, 2000.
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