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CP404  Water Treatment Disinfection Forum Water Treatment
Project Appreciation and Objectives

DWI requires water companies to establish a risk based approach to identify expected pathogen challenges to water supply and implement appropriate disinfection systems to deal with this. Portfolio project CP404 Disinfection Forum has been running since March 2010, providing a platform for review of issues, research and regulatory perspectives on disinfection, disseminating information and sharing experience with the objective of allowing participating companies to meet their obligations for disinfection.

Over the 2011/12 period, the focus of the work was on the development of the "Ct Toolbox" to facilitate identification of appropriate disinfection conditions in an objective and logical manner, based on the best available evidence to help companies to implement a robust policy that stands up to regulatory scrutiny. Development of the Ct Toolbox continued over the 2012/13 period, building on the original tool through feedback from implementation.

Business Benefits to Clients

  • Effective disinfection policy based on firm evidence and shared knowledge.
  • Adoption of a consolidated and robust approach for DWI.

Work Programme

  1. Continuation of the Disinfection Forum over the period April 2013 to March 2114 will involve further discussion of implementation of the Ct Toolbox, to address issues related to pathogen occurrence, removal and impact on health. However, the scope of the forum will include consideration of other disinfection issues of common interest to participating companies, which will be discussed at each meeting, and it is proposed to have guest specialist speakers to present on specific topics.
  2. Three meetings will be held at WRc (Swindon) over the period April 2013 to March 2014, each with up to 3 representatives from participating companies.

Project Output and Implementation

  • Summary reports will be provided on the topics and discussions at each meeting.

Related WRc Work

  • Portfolio project CP282; chlorination best practice guidance (2006).
  • Disinfection audits at water treatment works for individual water companies.
  • UKWIR projects on coliform failures (2009-10), disinfection Ct (2005), and UV disinfection (2008).
  • Management of the UKWIR microbiological datasheets (ongoing).
  • Participation in the EU Microrisk project (2006).

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