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CP359  Water Efficiency Devices - Savings Assessment Supply Demand Management
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Ofwat has recently announced a new water supply and demand policy which includes water efficiency targets for water companies for the AMP 5 period and requires companies to: save an estimated one litre of water per property per day annually: improve information to customers; and, actively help improve the evidence base for water efficiency.

A cost-beneft-analysis study of large scale water efficiency programmes, commissioned by the ministerially-led Water Saving Group, has recently been completed. The study estimated water savings from individual devices by disaggregating results from a basket of measures. The results indicated wide variation between studies and highlighted the need for more robust evaluation of the actual impact of commonly used water saving devices.

This project is collecting microcomponent data, using the Identiflow system, from a sample of domestic properties before and after water saving devices are installed. This will provide accurate assessments of the relative impact of different devices as a contribution to total savings and also enable any behavioural changes to be differentiated from appliance characteristic changes.

Benefits to Clients

  • Increased evidence base of impacts of commonly used water saving devices for future water efficiency or demand management planning at a microcomponent level.
  • Provision of measured data to support regulatory reporting of water efficiency or demand reduction options.

Work Programme

  1. Collate microcomponent data before and after installing water saving devices for a sample of at least 50 properties, which will provide appliance characteristics data on: flow rates; volumes of water; and frequency of use.
  2. Statistically analyse the new data.
  3. Assess the performance of appliances in monitored properties before and after fitting water saving devices.
  4. Examine the implications for predicting/forecasting domestic water use for demand planning purposes.

Project Output

  • A report detailing the work carried out, the findings and implications for planning and forecasting.
  • A database of the microcomponent dataset for use by companies in microcomponent or scenario based forecasting.
  • A workshop to disseminate results and discuss implications of the findings.

Related WRc Work

  • Water Efficiency Scenarios produced for large-scale water efficiency study, Waterwise, 2007-08.
  • Best Practice Projects: WR25A Sustainability of Water Efficiency Measures; WR25B Framework for Valuing the Options for Managing Water Demand; and WR25C Water Efficiency Website, UKWIR, 2004-ongoing.
  • Previous Portfolio projects: Water Use in New Dwellings CP337, 2007-08; and Increasing the Value of Domestic Water Use Data for Demand Management CP187, 2004-05.

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