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CP320  Embedding Risk-Based Decision Making into Management and General Expenditure Asset Management
Project Appreciation and Objectives

At the last price review some AMP Reporters identified Management and General (M&G) as a high expenditure area, others suggested the reverse. What was acknowledged was that much of the spend was justified on health & safety grounds and/or an economic replacement basis, but that generally justification for expenditure and decision-making could be improved.

There is the considerable scope to extend the principles of the Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework (CMPCF) to some classes of M&G assets. Relevant items include:

  • General mapping and updating of network records
  • Site security and works to comply with health and safety<.li>

  • Recreation/conservation
  • New/renewal of telemetry/communications systems, leakage control/monitoring equipment, analytical/sampling plant
  • Land, buildings, laboratories, depots and workshops

This project aimed to provide participants with the necessary tools to embed risk-based methodologies into day-to-day decision-making and lead to improved efficiency and reduced M&G costs.

Benefits to Clients

This project aimed to deliver improved efficiency and M&G savings through:

  • Improved understanding of current approaches to prioritising M&G spending.
  • Development of enhanced risk based methodologies for M&G spending.
  • Supporting information for M&G prioritisation and decision-making.
  • Supporting information for identifying exceptional expenditure.
  • Improved understanding of company risk.

Work Programme

  1. Review existing industry practice with input from each of the project collaborators.
  2. Investigate which M&G expenditure items would benefit from the CMPCF approach.
  3. Benchmark approaches used outside of the water industry for similar expenditure items.
  4. Develop water industry specific approaches.
  5. Produce generic spreadsheet based tools to support decision making, where appropriate.
  6. Report and disseminate findings.

Project Output

  • Guidance document and spreadsheet tools to support the application of risk-based approaches for relevant M&G items.
  • Implementation workshop to discus and disseminate results.

Related WRc Work.

  • Understanding risk, cost and investment decisions across different asset, groups, CP272, 2006-2007.
  • Deterioration modelling, CP063, 2002-2003.
  • Pragmatic approaches to risk, CP063, 2002-2003.
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