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Printer Friendly VersionSelected Information - Completed Research

CP322  Utilising Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) for PR09 Asset Management
Project Appreciation and Objectives

The DOMS should deliver cost effective operation and maintenance of water distribution system and achieve consistent or improved water quality to customers. The approach requires forward-looking risk-based analysis to identify pro-active maintenance and inspection schedules and provides guidance on control and operation of the network to manage identified risks to water quality.

To date, most of the DOMS work carried out in relation to water quality, has been theoretical. This project will turn the theory into practice and develop "best practices" and the necessary tools to integrate DOMS into existing systems and procedures.

A new urgency to implement DOMS has been created by the DWI's recently published completion deadline of 30th June 2007. This project not only helped participants to meet this demanding timetable, but also helped develop distribution investment needs for PR09 submissions.

Benefits to Clients

This project provided participants with the necessary tools, guidance and support to:

  • Fully implement DOMS by DWI's 30th June 2007 deadline.
  • Develop robust distribution investment plans for PR09 submissions.
  • Ensure that DOMS and distribution business plans for PR09 are compliant with the Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework.

Work Programme

Phase 1 Feb/March 07 - June 07:

  • Benchmark existing DOMS within the industry and review DWI feedback to extract best practices and tools.
  • Review existing DOMS tools and develop new procedures and tools where needed to implement/integrate DOMS in a "business as usual" approach.
  • Support participants develop the 11 steps needed to implement DOMS in time for 30th June deadline.

Phase 2 July 2007 - October 2007:

  • Integrate the drinking water quality focus of DOMS with other capital maintenance investment for distribution (pressure, interruptions, etc) for PR09 submissions.
  • Develop guidance and methodology to inform distribution investment for PR09 submissions using DOMS resulting information.
  • Provide support to ensure that DOMS and distribution business plans for PR09 are compliant with the Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework.

Project. Output

  • Guidance document and individual workshops to support the implementation of DOMS and the development of PR09 submissions for distribution.

Related WRc Work

  • DOMS submissions for various water companies, 2006
  • Understanding risk, cost and investment decisions across different asset groups, CP272, 2006
  • Numerous studies embracing benchmarking, statistical analysis, performance management tools, data handling & analysis and tool development, 1980-s-present
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