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This section displays live collaborative research in the water, wastewater and environment industry.

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Ref. Research Title Topic Area
NP240 Water Framework Directive (WFD)  Standards/Regulation
NP037 Waste Water Issue Tracking  Standards/Regulation
CP570 Minimising PRV Totex Using Predictive Analytics  Asset Management
CP569 Odour Management User Group  Odour Management
CP561 Pesticides Approvals Update Service  Risk Assessment
CP559 TR61 Version 13 Cost and Carbon Modelling Software  Asset Management
CP558 Improving The Accuracy Of Large Meters  Metering
CP552 Improving Bacteriological Compliance at Service Reservoirs  Asset Management
CP551 The Rising Main Doctor  Sewerage
CP530 Alternative Options to Sub-metering  Metering
CP528 Improving Wastewater Compliance using Ecofits  Wastewater Treatment
CP527 Catchment Management Dashboard  Catchment Management
CP526 Trial of Ammonium and Nitrate ISE Probes  Sewerage
CP523 Tree Root Barriers to Protect Sewer Systems  Sewerage
CP520 Cost Effective On-line Turbidity Monitoring  Monitoring
CP518 The Future of Biotreatment for Drinking Water  Water Treatment
CP517 On-line Metals Analysis in Water  Monitoring
CP515 Smart Meter User Group  Metering
CP510 Lower OPEX from Smart Control of Auto-Desludging  Technology
CP508 Reducing Pollution Risk at Critical Locations in Sewer Networks  Sewerage
CP505 Benefitting from Microbial Source Tracking  Risk Assessment
CP504 Getting the Best Out of Powdered Activated Carbon  Water Treatment
CP502 An Effective Large (100mm) Meter Replacement Strategy  Metering
CP501 Quantifying the real impact of exploiting rainwater/greywater  Water Resources
CP496 Quantifying the benefits of catchment management forum  Catchment Management
CP490 Energy from Waste - State of the Art technology  Waste
CP489 Advanced aeration efficiency  Wastewater Treatment
CP488 Compliance with phosphorus and metal consent requirements  Wastewater Treatment
CP484 DBP risk management  Water Treatment
CP482 Rapid tracking of hydrocarbon contamination in drinking water  Drinking Water Quality
CP477 Trial of Wastewater Dissolved Oxygen Monitors  Innovation
CP476 Innovative Full-bore hydrant insertion meter development  Metering
CP471 A move toward zero waste - recycling options for water treatment work residues  Water Treatment Waste
CP469 Piecing together the benefits of modular construction in sewerage  Sewerage
CP467 Defining and Managing Health Risks from Sewage Flooding  Sewerage
CP463 True consequences of asset failure on service in distribution  Asset Management
CP457 Wastewater Operator Training and Competency Assessment Tool  Competency
CP456 Transfer of Private Sewer Asset Data  Sewerage
CP455 Standardising Control Panels for New and Transferred Small Pumping Stations  Sewerage
CP454 Alternative Approaches to Surface Water Separation  Sewerage
CP452 Operation of CIPP Rehabilitated Pipes Beyond the Design Life  Pipeline Materials
CP451 Rising Mains: To Replace or to Renovate?  Sewerage
CP450 Climate Change, Algal Growth and Management of Water Supply  Water Treatment
CP441 Investment Protocol for Emerging Wastewater Treatment Technology  Wastewater Treatment
CP427 Economics of supply pipe leakage  Leakage
CP425 Improved management of sewer network pumping stations   Sewerage
CP423 Non-contact load monitor  Energy Efficiency
CP421 TR61 version 11 software  Business Planning
CP406 Managing Aeration Plants to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions  Wastewater Treatment
CP404 Water Treatment Disinfection Forum  Water Treatment
CP403 Meter Training  Metering
CP402 Impact of Valve Operations on Network Performance  Leakage
CP401 A Framework for Improving Telemetry Data Quality  Business Planning
CP399 Towards Integrated Distribution Management - A Common Approach to Risk  Business Planning
CP398 Transfer of Pitch Fibre Pipes to Sewerage Undertakers  Sewerage
CP397 Post 2011 - A New Approach to Small Bore Drainage Management  Sewerage
CP395 Good Practice for Use of Ultrasonic Level Sensors  Monitoring
CP394 Improving Drinking Water Quality - Nickel Leaching from chrome Plated Tapware  Water Quality
CP364 Carbon Accounting for Pipeline Installation and Rehabilitation Techniques  Carbon Footprint
CP357 Implementing a Networks Monitoring Tool based on Dissolved Oxygen  Monitoring
CP342 Impact of Using Sewers for Food Waste Disposal  Sewerage
CP329 Specification and Maintenance of Geocellular Underground SUD Storage Systems  Asset Management
CP310 Comparing Energy Efficiency: where are we good?  Benchmarking
CP259 Meeting MCERTS using Closed Pipe Flowmeters  Waste & Resource Management