Completed Research

These examples of completed research in the water, wastewater and environment industry, were targeted at topical issues of concern to a number of organisations.

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Ref. Research Title Topic Area
NP243 Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process, SOLO  Wastewater Treatment
NP242 HarmoniCOP  Water Resources
NP241 Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD)  Standards/Regulation
NP238 Ireland WFD Implementation Plan  Receiving Water Quality
NP237 Managing Seasonal Variations in Leakage  Demand Management
NP231 Wastewater Tertiary Treatment using Renewable Energy Crops  Sludge/Biosolids
NP208 Building Regulations: Sanitation, Drainage, Waste Disposal  Standards/Regulation
NP207 Laying & Adopting Public Lateral Drains  Sewerage
NP203 International Benchmarking Network for Water & Sanitation, IBNET  Benchmarking
NP176 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter Performance  Demand Management
NP175 Ground Water Investigation & Passive Wastewater Treatment  Water Resources
NP174 Web-based European Knowledge Network on Water, WEKNOW  Water Treatment
NP173 Managing Water Distribution with a Leakage Focus, TILDE  Water Distribution
NP117 Decentralised Power Generation with Syngas, Biogas & Landfill Gas  Waste Management
NP059 Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG)  Innovation
NP038 Micro-organisms in Drinking Water, Health Significance  Drinking Water Quality
NP035 Sludge/Biosolids Long Term Field Trials, Soil Fertility  Sludge/Biosolids
NP034 National Centre for Environment Toxicology (NCET)  Drinking Water Quality
NP027 European Topic Centre on Water (ETC Water) Receiving Water Quality
CP485 Reducing white water contacts  Drinking Water Quality
CP480 Demonstrating efficient capital maintenance expenditure  Asset Management
CP473 Practical guidance to improve telemetry data quality  Data Management
CP468 Sewer Blockage Clearance - Good Practice Guidance  Sewerage
CP464 New Methods for Service Reservoir Inspection  Water Distribution
CP461 District and commercial meters - the next generation  Metering
CP448 Household Meter Location  Metering
CP447 Metering and Charging for Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting  Metering & Charging
CP443 CASSM - Optimising Carbon Abatement  Carbon Management
CP442 Sustainable Recycling of Sewer Grit  Resource Management
CP435 A Common Approach to Risk Fault Trees and Event Trees  Asset Management
CP434 SIM - Understanding the impact of interventions  Business Planning
CP429 Evaluation of Ion Mobility Spectroscopy  Instrumentation
CP428 Technology based solutions for lead  Underground Assets
CP426 Water Consumption of Homes Built to Part G and Code for Sustainable Homes Standards  Supply Demand Management
CP424 Blockage cause diagnosis - a tool to reduce incidents  Waste
CP419 Improving AMA through data quality  Business Planning
CP412 Meter Right Sizing  Metering
CP408 Septicity in Rising Mains and H2S Corrosion in Sewers  Sewerage
CP393 Optimising Granular Activated Carbon Regeneration  Water Treatment
CP383 Modifying Existing Rainfall Design Sets for Climate Change  Climate Change
CP382 Drinking Water Safety Plans - Business as Usual   Business Planning
CP381 Getting Value from Data  Business Planning
CP377 Implementing UV Disinfection for Water  Water Treatment
CP374 Better Information for Trade Effluent Control  Wastewater Treatment
CP373a Street ironworks - Cost effect management  Waste
CP373 Street Ironwork - Cost Effective Management  Sewerage
CP372 Getting the Most from CCTV Inspections  Sewerage
CP371a Rising Mains Inspection - Getting the Inside Picture  Sewerage
CP371 New Sewage Rising Mains Inspection Methods   Sewerage
CP370 Water Industry Specifications for Small Sewage Pumping Stations  Sewerage
CP369 Stannous Chloride for Plumbosolvency Control  Water Treatment
CP368 Understanding the Impact of Interceptors  Sewerage
CP367 The Effect of Reduced Water Usage on Sewer Solid Movement in Small Pipes  Sewerage
CP361 Odour Management Plans  Odour Management
CP360 Commercial Meter Under-registration  Metering
CP359 Water Efficiency Devices - Savings Assessment  Supply Demand Management
CP358 An Integrated Approach to Contamination Risk  Monitoring
CP355 Underground Asset Information - Meeting Future National Requirements  Asset Management
CP354a Pesticide Removal Tests  Water Treatment
CP354 Removal of Metaldehyde  Water Treatment
CP353 New Microbiological Techniques - Assessing the Benefits for Safeguarding Water Quality  Drinking Water Quality
CP352 Rapid Resolution of Taste and Odour Complaints  Water Treatment
CP351 Towards Chemical Free Treatment: Is Coagulation Sustainable?  Water Treatment
CP348b Pump whole life cost model - Continuation project  Business Planning
CP348 Pumps - Maintenance and Replacement to Suit  Asset Management
CP347 Development of TR61 V10.0 Software  Operating Costs
CP346 Web-Based Benchmarking Tool  Benchmarking
CP338 Mains Interventions - Improving Benefits Valuation  Operating Costs
CP337 Water Use in New Dwellings  Demand Management
CP336 Active Leakage Control Cost Curve Developments  Leakage
CP334 Optimisation of Filter Backwashing  Water Treatment
CP333 Analytical Test Kits for Water Treatment Monitoring and Control  Drinking Water Quality
CP332 Managing Microbial Risk for Regulatory Compliance  Drinking Water Quality
CP332 Assessing PR09 Needs for Maintaining Low Microbial Risk  Drinking Water Quality
CP331 Validating the Cause of Coliforms in Drinking Water  Drinking Water Quality
CP330 Odour Enclosures - Optimising Ventilation Costs  Sludge/Biosolids
CP327 Chlorination: Planning for PR09  Water Treatment
CP326 Alternative Filtration Media  Water Treatment
CP324 Long Term Performance of Domestic Meters  Investment Planning
CP322 Utilising Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) for PR09  Asset Management
CP321a Water Industry Alarm Systems Improvement Group (2010 - 2011)  Risk Management
CP321 Improving Water Treatment Security - Lifting the Covers on Alarms and Unmanned Sites  Asset Management
CP320 Embedding Risk-Based Decision Making into Management and General Expenditure  Asset Management
CP317 Will Treatment Remove Emerging Organic Micropollutants?  Drinking Water Quality
CP312 Predisposition of Properties to Flooding  Sewerage
CP311 Impact on the Drainage System of Disposable Products  Sewerage
CP309 Updating the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual  Sewerage
CP308 Infiltration Reduction Capabilities of Cured-In-Place Linings  Asset Management
CP307 Enhanced Integration of TR61 Costing Tools - Development of TR61 V9.0 Software  Asset Management
CP306 Integrating reservoir and water treatment management to control algal problems  Water Treatment
CP304 Oil in Water Instrumentation for Intake Protection  Drinking Water Quality
CP303 The Real Benefits of Pressure Management  Demand Management
CP301 Better Control of Odours from Primary Sedimentation 
CP298 Controlling Energy Costs using Non-intrusive Monitoring  Asset Management
CP295 Real Time Data for Asset Management  Asset Management
CP290 Fats, oils and greases (FOG)  Sewerage
CP284 Rising Mains Guidance Manual  Sewerage
CP283 Understanding Blockages in Small Diameter Sewer Pipes  Sewerage
CP282b Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework  Water Treatment
CP282 Managing disinfection within a water safety plan framework  Water Treatment
CP281 Using Dissolved Oxygen for Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality  Water Distribution
CP278 Infiltration Control Via 'Top-Hat' and Grouting Repair Systems  Asset Management
CP277 Joint Sealing Technologies - a Long Term Solution?  Asset Management
CP276 Private Sewers and Lateral Drains - Inspection, Cleaning and Renovation  Sewerage
CP275 How to Solve the Pitch Fibre Pipe Problem  Sewerage
CP273 Managing CSO Screens to Reduce Risk of Failure  Standards/Regulation
CP272 Risk, Cost and Investment Decisions Across Different Asset Groups  Asset Management
CP260 Further Developments to Reduce Odour from Sludge  Wastewater Treatment
CP258 Proactive Low Cost Monitoring for Sewer Cleaning  Sewerage
CP256 Holistic Monitoring to Increase Security & Reduce Costs  Water Treatment
CP251 Meeting Information System Challenges of Future Street Works  Asset Management
CP245 Customer Research 2003: Periodic Review  Investment Planning
CP244 Libya Water Company Manuals  Benchmarking
CP232 Bioaerosols / Particulates in Biosolids Recycling  Sludge/Biosolids
CP229 Final Effluent Monitoring  Wastewater Treatment
CP226 Emergency Overflows from Sewage Pumping Stations  Sewerage
CP223 Disposal of Mains Flushing Waste  Water Distribution
CP222A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Metering Policies  Demand Management
CP222 Quantifying Effects for Change of Occupancy Metering  Demand Management
CP220 Managing the Risks of Critical Sewers & Trunk Water Mains  Asset Management
CP219 Strategic Implications of Water Framework Directive  Standards/Regulation
CP213 Self-Laying Mains & Services  Water Distribution
CP212 Wastewater Sampler Selection  Wastewater Treatment
CP211 Radio Telemetry Guide  Innovation
CP210 Open Channel Flowmeter Selection Guide  Wastewater Treatment
CP209 Operating Cost Models for Treatment Works  Water Treatment
CP206 Intra-Urban Impacts of Future Flood Risk  Sewerage
CP205 Earth Observation to Aid Sustainable Water Use  Innovation
CP204 Reuse of Water Utility Products as Commercial Materials  Waste Management
CP200 UK National Landfill Geographical Information  Waste Management
CP199 Waste Management in Hungary  Waste Management
CP198 Privatisation of Poznan Water, Poland  Investment Planning
CP197 Environmental Protection in Moldova  Standards/Regulation
CP196 EU Water Quality Legislation in Lithuania  Standards/Regulation
CP195 Sustainable Technology for Small Wastewater Works  Wastewater Treatment
CP194 Reducing Costs / Risk of Failure of Odour Abatement  Wastewater Treatment
CP193 Enhanced Treated Sludge with Minimum CAPEX  Wastewater Treatment
CP192 Reducing Rising Main Failures through Pre-emptive Inspection  Sewerage
CP191 Reducing Sewer Collapse Risk using GIS Soil Maps  Sewerage
CP190 Zebra Mussel Problems in Water Intakes / Pipelines  Water Treatment
CP189 High Rate Clarification  Water Treatment
CP188 Long Term Performance of Domestic Meters  Demand Management
CP187 Domestic Microcomponent Water Use Data  Demand Management
CP184 Rehabilitation of Service Pipes to Reduce Customer Leakage  Demand Management
CP183 Maximising Benefits from PR04 Timetable  Investment Planning
CP182 Asset Register Tuning (ART)  Asset Management
CP180 Implementing R&D, Tracking Benefits & Tax Advantages  Innovation
CP179 Preventing Nutrient Enrichment of Waters  Receiving Water Quality
CP178 Distance Learning in Water Management  Standards/Regulation
CP177 Water Quality Management in Danube Basin  Receiving Water Quality
CP171 Managing Manganese in Distribution  Water Distribution
CP170 Identification & Assessment of Hazardous Areas  Sewerage
CP169 Best Practice in Drain Repair  Sewerage
CP168 Algal Toxins / Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water (TOXIC)  Water Treatment
CP167 Sewer Repair & Sealing Techniques, Long Term Testing  Sewerage
CP166 Industrial & Farm Wastes Spread on Land  Waste Management
CP165 European Refuse Derived Fuel  Waste Management
CP164 European Hazardous Household Waste & Chemicals  Waste Management
CP163 WHO Drinking Water Guidelines  Standards/Regulation
CP162 Polyethylene Pipe (PE) and PVC Pipe, Revised Manuals  Water Distribution
CP161 Competition Rules in Europe  Standards/Regulation
CP160 Endocrine Disruption in Invertebrates & Predators  Receiving Water Quality
CP149 Reducing Odours from Sludge  Sludge/Biosolids
CP148 Reducing Sludge Disposal Costs through Dewatering Control  Wastewater Treatment
CP147 Reducing Tree Root Penetration of Pipe Joints  Sewerage
CP146 Best Practice in Sewer Jetting to Reduce Sewer Flooding  Sewerage
CP145 Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Sewerage Networks (CARE-S)  Sewerage
CP144 Drainage Layouts for New Styles of Housing  Sewerage
CP142 Lime Systems with Maximum Reliability & Minimum Cost  Water Treatment
CP140 Predictions of Membrane Life & Operating Costs  Water Treatment
CP139 Flowmeter Auditing Guidelines  Demand Management
CP138 New Technology Meters & Impacts on Meter Replacement  Demand Management
CP135a Database Linking Distribution Mains Rehabilitation to Performance  Investment Planning
CP135 Economic Assessment of Distribution Rehabilitation  Water Distribution
CP134 Opex for Asset Management  Asset Management
CP133 Reliable CSO Monitoring  Sewerage
CP131 Water Industry Price Benchmarking  Benchmarking
CP121 In-Situ Bioremediation of High Nitrate Groundwaters  Water Resources
CP116 Natural Ecotoxins in Terrestrial Ecosystems  Waste Management
CP115 Performance Indicators for Poland  Standards/Regulation
CP114 Costs of Alleviating Sewer Flooding  Sewerage
CP112 Bacteriological Examination of Sludge  Sludge/Biosolids
CP111 MASTAR Environmental Assessment Tool for Sewage Sludge  Sludge/Biosolids
CP109A Technology to Manage Failure Risk at Unmanned Works  Wastewater Treatment
CP109 Managing Failure at Unmanned Sewage Works  Wastewater Treatment
CP108 Reassuring Public Confidence after Sewage Flooding  Sewerage
CP107 Optimised Waterworks Sludge Thickening  Water Treatment
CP106 Water Production Proficiency Programme (HOPP)  Water Treatment
CP104 Prediction of Pesticide Trends in Groundwater  Water Resources
CP103 Real Cost of Street Works to Water Utilities  Asset Management
CP099 European Dangerous Substances & Water Framework Directive  Standards/Regulation
CP098 Regulations for Cape Verde  Standards/Regulation
CP097 Sustainable Water Management in the UK (Foresight)  Innovation
CP096 Inspecting Sewers & Image Analysis by Computer (ISAAC)  Sewerage
CP095 Co-operative Agreements in Agriculture for EU Water Policy  Standards/Regulation
CP094 European Bathing Water Directive Revision  Standards/Regulation
CP093 Benchmarking African Water Utilities  Benchmarking
CP092 Reform in Former Soviet Union States  Benchmarking
CP091 Landfill Leachate Management with Short Rotation Coppice  Waste Management
CP090 Applying Municipal Wastewater to Willow Coppice  Waste Management
CP089 Sludge Characterisation  Sludge/Biosolids
CP088 Endocrine Disrupting Substances Treatment Options & Costs  Wastewater Treatment
CP086 Construction Products in contact with Drinking Water  Drinking Water Quality
CP085 Focus on Energy Consumption in Wisconsin, USA  Benchmarking
CP084 Forecasting Serviceability & Performance of Assets  Investment Planning
CP083 Serviceability Measures for Capital Maintenance Planning  Investment Planning
CP082 Water Use in Horticulture  Demand Management
CP081 Treatment of Landfill Leachates using Evaporators  Waste Management
CP080 Insitu Bioremediation for Contaminated Groundwater  Waste Management
CP079 Sewer Repairs, Manholes, Chambers & Pumping Stations  Sewerage
CP078 Copper Speciation in Sewage  Receiving Water Quality
CP077 Sewer Sealing Systems, Joints & Defects  Sewerage
CP076 Installing Telecommunication Ducts / Cables in Sewers  Sewerage
CP075 Soil Metal Limits for Biosolids Recycling to Land  Sludge/Biosolids
CP074 Microbial Removal Efficiency of Sludge Treatment  Sludge/Biosolids
CP073 Non-Compliant, Open Channel Flow Gauging Structures  Wastewater Treatment
CP072 Specification, Design & Operation of Sequencing Batch Reactors  Wastewater Treatment
CP071 Asset Life at Small Wastewater Treatment Works  Wastewater Treatment
CP070 Chloramination of Water Supplies, Best Practice  Water Treatment
CP069 Membrane Plant Integrity Testing  Water Treatment
CP068 DAF Saturator Systems, Asset Replacement & New Design  Water Treatment
CP066 Reduction in Unexpected Nitrate Increases in Supply  Water Resources
CP065 Integrated Water Balance System  Demand Management
CP064 Commercial Night Use Estimation  Demand Management
CP063 Asset & Infrastructure Deterioration Models  Asset Management
CP062 Risk Assessment in the Water Industry  Asset Management
CP058 Cryptosporidium Monitoring  Water Treatment
CP055 Sewer Manholes & Other Confined Spaces Operator Guidance  Sewerage
CP054 Pollution Prevention & Control in Sewer Systems  Sewerage
CP053 Pumping Station, Rising Main Risk  Sewerage
CP052 Fluoridation of Drinking Water  Water Treatment
CP051 Quality of Water Treatment Chemicals  Water Treatment
CP050 District Meter Areas (DMAs) as a Base Management Unit  Demand Management
CP049 Effluent Measurement for Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive  Wastewater Treatment
CP047 PhD Research (PTP) Innovation
CP046 Leakage Target Setting  Demand Management
CP045 Sustainable Recycling of Sludge Biosolids  Sludge/Biosolids
CP044 Directive Implementation in Other EU States  Standards/Regulation
CP043 Pathogens in Biosolids/Sludge  Sludge/Biosolids
CP042 Impact of the EU Water Framework Directive, WFD  Standards/Regulation
CP041 Sewerage Storage  Sewerage
CP040 Intermittent CSO Discharges & Potential Treatment Options  Wastewater Treatment
CP039 Leakage Target Setting in District Meter Areas  Demand Management
CP036 Enteroviruses, Salmonella & Bacterial Indicators in Bathing Water  Receiving Water Quality
CP032 Predicting Asset Life and Capital Maintenance  Investment Planning
CP031 Capital Cost Indices, CCI  Investment Planning
CP030 National Microcomponent Monitor, Identiflow  Demand Management
CP029 Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor Instrumentation (LOADMON) Sewerage
CP026 Recycling Sludge to Agriculture  Sludge/Biosolids
CP025 Capital and Operating Cost Models  Investment Planning
CP024 Geographical Information User Group (08-10)  Spatial Information
CP024 Geographical Information User Group (10-12)  Business Planning
CP023 Managing Trunk Mains  Water Distribution
CP022 Pipeline Rehabilitation & Replacement (WATERFOWL) Water Distribution
CP021 Sewage Treatment Efficiency Programme (STEP) Wastewater Treatment
CP020 Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Water Networks (CARE-W) Water Distribution
CP019 Discoloration in Drinking Water  Drinking Water Quality
CP017A Reducing Odours in Sewerage Rising Mains  Sewerage
CP017 Odour Control in Rising Mains  Sewerage
CP016 Monitoring of Water Treatment Processes  Water Treatment
CP014 Endocrine Disrupters in Sewage Sludge  Receiving Water Quality
CP013 Biosolids Minimisation / Destruction  Sludge/Biosolids
CP012 Water Mains Rehabilitation - Maximising the Benefits  Water Distribution
CP010 Olfactometry & H2S to Minimise Odour Investment  Wastewater Treatment